New Parent? Be Smart about your Spending

Category: Money

Are you a new mummy or daddy? Keep reading for small tips that will help you cut down on expenses for your little one.

Try to limit online shopping and only order the must-have items on the web (e.g. diapers and formula in bulk) and pick brands that don’t charge a service fee and offer free shipping. This way you’ll avoid overspending on unnecessary purchases and extra fees.

Baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions can be unreasonably expensive. Spend some time to reconsider what you use yourself and perhaps choose gentle and scent-free products that you and your baby can use.

You can always choose to go for the reusable options (e.g. cloth diapers, breast pads). Then, you won’t have to continually purchase the disposable versions and it will help to cut down in the long run.

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