As India Enters 100-Crore Covid Vaccine Club, Survey Finds 61% Ready to Take Third Shot if Available

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As India achieved the historic milestone of completing 1 billion (100 crore) doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, nine months after it launched “the world’s biggest vaccination drive”, a new survey by LocalCircles found that 61% people are ready to take a 3rd vaccine dose once it becomes available. India on Thursday crossed the milestone of 1 billion doses of vaccine administration, with over 70 crores inoculated with 1st dose and 30 crores with the 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine.

Medical experts suggest that vaccines highly reduce the chances of getting impacted severely by COVID-19 and reduce the probabilities of ICU admission and death.

The vaccine hesitancy study released by LocalCircles earlier this month indicates that only 7 crore Indian adults of the 94 crores population are currently hesitant. With 70 crore Indians already having taken the 1st dose, this means that over the next few months another 17 crore adults will hopefully take their first dose, albeit it may require some sensitisation and awareness creation by the Government.

With the 1 billion vaccine doses administered milestone achieved in India, and some countries already beginning to administer the 3rd dose to their senior citizen and vulnerable population, LocalCircles conducted a study on the willingness of Indians to take a 3rd dose of the COVID vaccine if it were to become available in the next 6 months.

The survey received 9,245 responses from citizens residing in 301 districts of India. 68% respondents were men while 32% respondents were women. 43% respondents were from tier 1, 29% from tier 2 and 28% respondents were from tier 3, 4 and rural districts.

61% Citizens Willing To Take 3rd Dose

The question in the survey asked citizens about their current stand towards taking the 3rd dose of COVID vaccine once it is made available in the next 6 months. In response, the majority of 61% of citizens said “yes, most definitely” will take the 3rd dose of COVID vaccine once it is made available in the next 6 months. Another 27% said “yes, but only if COVID is or likely to become prevalent when the 3rd dose becomes available”. Only 6% of citizens said “no, will not be taking it”, and another 6% did not have an opinion. This question in the survey received 9,245 responses.

The survey indicates that at this point majority of the population is willing to take the 3rd dose to stay protected from COVID-19. While 61% will take the 3rd dose regardless, 27% will take it if COVID cases were to become prevalent again. This leaves only 12% of citizens either qualifying as hesitant for the 3rd dose of COVID vaccine or undecided at this point.

While many believe that the risk of COVID is still out there and the poor compliance to masking and social distancing norms and the experience of other countries, it is likely that the cases will rise again a few months from now. People also believe that all activities of the economy being unlocked and schools working with full attendance are likely to lead rise in COVID cases and hence the 3rd dose once it becomes available will help them in staying protected from COVID.

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