After COVID-19 Lull, 72% Indians Want to Travel Next Year: Survey

Category: Health Tips

A new survey revealed that 72% of Indians have indicated their desire to travel next year as Covid-19 severely hit the tourism industry since March 2020. Additionally, 50% of the participants would like to travel globally, and 57% in India for business this year. The research was authorized by Amadeus, an IT company which provides its services to the global travel and tourism industry. Asia has been ranked as the top destination by Indian business and leisure travelers who are eyeing domestic and regional travel next year.

Around 9,000 people participated in the survey which was conducted across India, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Singapore, the US, the UK, and the UAE. The research shows that Covid-19 pandemic has increased people’s appetite for travel.

However, restrictions and guidelines on travelling can become a stumbling block in unlocking traveler confidence. As many as 35% respondents termed the existing guidelines on international travel as confusing, saying such rules restrict them from booking their tickets.

Almost 37% of travelers in India shared the sentiment, while the number is little higher in Singapore at 40%. Interestingly, almost all of the respondents have no issue in sharing health data for travelling. Around 93% of the participants said they are willing to provide health data with the authorities to be able to resume travelling, an increase from 91% in February.

“Almost half (48%) of business travellers worldwide would be willing to provide their health data to visit a conference or event, compared to 53% in India and 54% in Singapore,” the survey said while highlighting the higher confidence among Indian travellers to share health data.

Mani Ganeshan from Amadeus Labs, India, said digital health verification is important to boost traveller confidence and provide smooth travel experiences. He also advocated for integration of digital health passports with airline, airport and immigration systems to reduce customer pain points along the journey.

Ganeshan also noted that most of the people across the world are looking to plan their pending trip, but Covid-19 continues to pose challenges to the travel and tourism industry.

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