In Marathi TV Show ‘Aai Kuthe Kar Karle’, A New Friend’s Entry in Arundhati’s Life

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Marathi TV show “Aai Kuthe Kay Karle” is immensely popular among viewers. And now, in the latest development, a new person is all set to enter the life of the female lead Arundhati, played by Madhurani Gokhale-Prabhakar. The story revolves around the life of a married woman Arundhati, her ex-husband Aniruddha and his second wife Sanjana.

In the latest development, Sanjana has entered the Deshmukh house as a daughter-in-law after her marriage to Aniruddha. Following this, Appa has gifted half of the house to Arundhati, who has now become self-reliant and doesn’t depend on anyone else for anything. Arundhati, apart from working in the ashram, is also keeping an eye on Sanjana and her children. Arundhati has mortgaged her house with the help of Yash and her father to raise money to save Avinash.

At first, nobody except Yash, Appa and Arundhati were aware of it. However, Sanjana overheard Yash speaking to Gauri about it. Now, the viewers are eagerly waiting to see how Arundhati deals with Sanjana’s schemes.

On the one hand, it is being shown that the Deshmukh family is aware that Arundhati has mortgaged some part of the house, while on the other hand, it is being shown that Arundhati’s son Yash will be out of town for 10 days for work. Arundhati has to grapple with a lot of trouble while helping Avinash.

Now, a friend of Arundhati’s will be entering the series. According to reports, actor Sameer Dharmadhikari is playing this role. What will be the role of this new friend? Will he bring another storm in her life or help her out? Keep watching Aai Kuthe Kay Karle for answers!

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