Bigg Boss Marathi 3: Adesh and Sonali Quarrel Over Making Chapatis

Category: Entertainment

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 housemates Adish Vaidya and Sonali Patil recently quarrelled over making chapatis and a clip of the same has been shared on Instagram by Rajshree Marathi. The caption of the post read, “I don’t want to speak loudly – Adish. Adish and Sonali quarreled over making chapatis in the house of Bigg Boss Marathi 3 on Colors Marathi, but Aji punished everyone. Let’s see what happens.”

In the shared video, the housemates were seen having breakfast when Sonali Patil asks Gayatri Datar to make chapatis faster. Gayatri, in response, asks her to make it, instead. This leads to a war of words between Sonali and Gayatri. However, Adish Vaidya interferes between them and then Adish and Sonali engage in a heated exchange.

Adish can be heard saying, “Don’t raise your voice for a minute, don’t raise your voice on me.” Sonali responds, “I’m not raising my voice, if you start talking, why don’t I answer? And you don’t have to tell me the kind voice I should be speaking. My voice is like this, I will speak like this.”

The differences between the two continued to grow. In the second part of the video, in the middle of a task wherein Team A members become grandmothers and Team B members act as animals, everyone is seen enjoying the task.

The contestants are keeping their game strong to survive in the show. For now, two groups have been formed among housemates in the house.

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