WATCH: Elephant Crushes Crocodile to Death to Save Her Calf in Zambia National Park

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Although Elephants are considered to be peaceful creatures, they can be very dangerous because of their gigantic size, especially when the elephant is in musth or is a mother. A recent video of the largest mammal on earth stomping one of the most feared mega-fauna to death is going viral on the internet.

Shot by a visitor at a Safari in Zambia, Africa, the video shows the female African elephant using all her strength to trample the life out of a crocodile as she did not want the reptile creeping on her calf. The video was captured by Hans Henrik Haahr, who was shocked to see such a sight and decided to shoot the incident happening at the Baines River Camp in the Lower Zambezi valley.

The video starts with the female elephant using her trunk to crush the elephant under her weight. The crocodile does not seem to defend or attack the mammal and is lying in the shallow waters without any movement. However, the elephant does not stop and, using her legs, starts toppling and tossing the elephant around. During the end, she picks up the crocodile’s tail using her trunk, bites it, and pulls it to reveal the crocodile’s body out of the water. The enormous weight of the elephant eventually killed the crocodile.

You can watch the entire incident here:

Netizens were shocked and amazed to see such violent nature of an elephant. One user wrote, “As Herbivores, elephants may not have much of an instinct to kill other species, but this elephant sure seems to understand what ‘ make dead’ means. Another wrote, “Moral of the story: Never piss off an elephant.”

The page that shared this video also shared other instances where elephants behaved very violently with other creatures.

Watch how an elephant crushed and stabbed a buffalo with its tusk:

Are you terrified? We know we are.

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