UK Pest Controller Finds Massive, 70-inch Nest With 1 Lakh Wasps in Attic

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A pest controller in the United Kingdom was shocked after he found a mammoth wasps nest, a staggering 3-foot long, in the attic of his house. According to a report in Daily Star, Ralph Clews, who is an insect exterminator employed with the RC Pest Management, said that his home had over 1,00,000 wasps. “It was absolutely huge, you can see how big it is as I’m 6 ft 1 and 28 stone,” he said.

“There were three nests in the loft in total; one about twice the size of a football, but this one was unbelievable,” he added.

Ralph was ultimately successful in killing off the wasps and removing the massive nest. According to reports, the nest was over 70 inches in width. It was built by the wasps in just over a year.

“They don’t use old nests, so it would have been built in one season,” Ralph said, adding that the wasp queen tends to find a new nest every year. He said that to make their nest, wasps usually use rotting wood mixed with their saliva, which makes the nest’s texture feel like paper mache.

Apart from his full-time job as an insect exterminator, Ralph also works as a part-time beekeeper. He said that he does it for fun and a free supply of honey for himself and his family.

“I keep bees to help out, we get calls for swarms of bees, around May time, I collect them, put them into hives, keep the bees, collect the honey and keep it for myself,” he told Coventry Live.

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