Tinder U Had the Most Relatable Response to Netflix India’s Query About ‘You’

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After two super-successful runs, the third installment of the popular thriller series ‘You’ was released on Netflix, on October 15. The Instagram page of Netflix India has been promoting the show through multiple posts and memes. Recently, they shared a picture featuring the protagonists of the popular thriller series, Joe Goldberg and Love, essayed by Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. In the click, the on-screen couple was seen striking a pose with their newborn. The caption of the post started a hilarious exchange of words between the Instagram handles of Netflix India and Tinder U India.

Alongside the post, in the caption, Netflix India wrote, “Joe and Love have moved in next to you. What’s your reaction?” Netizens were quite prompt with their reactions and people who have already watched the series, did end up giving some minor spoilers. However, what caught everyone’s attention was one of the hilarious responses posted by the Instagram page of Tinder U India. The reply read, “Move out.”

Keeping in mind the storyline of the show, it is quite obvious that several will be ready with the same answer. However, the conversation did not end there. Netflix India took forward the conversation as they replied – “Hey, You. I see you’ve commented on my post. Is this a sign? Are you flirting with me?” To this, Tinder U India replied, “real id se aao Joe Goldberg. (Come from your real id, Joe Goldberg).

This exchange of comments left netizens amused.

Take a look at the post:

For people, who have not followed the thriller series and are trying to make sense of the conversation, here is a quick flashback. Joe and Love are the protagonists of the popular series, and both have a scary history. This is why many view them as dreadful characters. In season 2 as they get married, the two have become a very dangerous couple. In the third season of the series, the couple attempts to run away from their past. Hence, they move into a new house in the suburbs to give their newborn a better life.

But can they leave their past behind? Well, you will get the answer in the third season.

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