Space Tourism: Skydiving into Exoplanets, Kayaking on Titan’s Methane Lakes

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Considering how opportunities in space have expanded and become more inclusive for billionaires and not restricted just to scientists and researchers anymore, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is mulling the idea of space tourism. In a recent animated video shared by the American space agency, a faraway possible future was reimagined and showcased to the netizens. NASA introduced its social media followers to a possible future where adventure-seeking people can visit the exoplanets like

In the one minute 17-second video titled “The Visions of the Future” NASA showed fictitious vacations being booked through the Exoplanet Travel Bureau. With the help of the booking, the agency’s rockets could drop the customers off at Mars to visit historic sites before the craft heads to Venus where tourists will take in the stunning views of the solar system from the Cloud 9 Observatory. Some can even go kayaking at Titan’s methane and ethane filled lakes. Titan happens to be Saturn’s largest moon. The video also showed enthused humans visiting Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, which is covered by a thick layer of ice. The fictitious video also showcased how tours would shuttle travellers through the southern region to take in the view of the thermal jets shooting from the moon.

Sharing the video on Twitter, NASA mentioned, “Tour some of the most extreme places in the galaxy. The fanciful adventures in this @NASAExoplanets video are inspired by real worlds we’ve studied.”

As one completes the tour of the Solar System, NASA takes its curious travellers to exoplanets like HD 40307 g for some skydiving. The video shows a person falling towards the surface of the Neptune-like exoplanet which is just 42 light-years from Earth. Some of the other exoplanets which are featured in NASA’s space tourism video include KEPLER 16b, 55 CANCRI e, GJ 357 d.

Tourists were imagined to be flying through the atmosphere in glass capsules, walking through red grass and dancing the night away on one that does not have a star.

The video also gives a glimpse of the vision imagined by the American space agency and what may lie in the future of space tourism.

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