Locals Halt Traffic on Busy Road in Tamil Nadu to Reunite Wildcat Cub With Mother

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In a pleasing incident, a month-old wildcat cub that accidentally strayed out of the forest was reunited with its mother by the forest department authorities who halted the traffic for their reunion. Valparai, one of the major hubs of wildlife, is a hill station in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. Often, few animals leave the forest and roam on the roads. On October 19, a state owned bus with passengers went from Valparai to Akkamalai Estate area in the late evening. While the bus was passing through Karumalai Estate Balaji Temple Road, passengers and residents spotted an animal moving on the road looking at the headlights of the bus. The wildcat cub was found moving nervously on the road in the absence of its mother.

The bus driver and passengers immediately informed the forest department about the wildcat cub lying on the road. The officials immediately rushed to the spot and stopped the movement of vehicles on the road for several hours to rescue the wildcat cub lying on the road and hoped to reunite it with its mother. The mother returned after at least two hours and took the cub along into the forest. The cub would be barely one-month-old.

“One of the wildcat cubs strayed and came to the road. Locals and passers-by helped rescue the wildcat cub safely from being hit by any vehicle. It is not uncommon for the mother to leave its cub while going for hunting. In order to avoid the adult wildcat’s aggression, we halted the vehicular movement around the area and practiced caution. We patiently waited for the mother to return and sure enough, she did after around two hours”, an official said.

In a similar incident that took place earlier this month, the Tamil Nadu Foresters’ team successfully reunited a baby elephant with its mother. The video of the baby elephant hugging a forest officer after rescue went viral and received a lot of love from netizens.

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