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WATCH: Elephant Crushes Crocodile to Death to Save Her Calf in Zambia National Park

Although Elephants are considered to be peaceful creatures, they can be very dangerous because of their gigantic size, especially when the elephant is in musth or is a mother. A recent video of the largest mammal on earth stomping one of the most feared mega-fauna to death is going viral on the internet. Shot by […]

Largest Known Triceratops’ Bones Up for Auction but Curators Squeezed Out by High Price Tag

This week the largest triceratops skeleton ever unearthed goes up for auction in Paris — but museum curators like Francis Duranthon can only dream of getting their hands on such a prize. With an estimated price tag of up to 1.5 million euros ($1.7 million), Duranthon, who directs the Toulouse Museum of Natural History, told […]

UK Pest Controller Finds Massive, 70-inch Nest With 1 Lakh Wasps in Attic

A pest controller in the United Kingdom was shocked after he found a mammoth wasps nest, a staggering 3-foot long, in the attic of his house. According to a report in Daily Star, Ralph Clews, who is an insect exterminator employed with the RC Pest Management, said that his home had over 1,00,000 wasps. “It […]

A Restaurant is Turning Covid-19 Protection into New Dining Experience in Japan

In Tokyo, a restaurant has taken the idea of protecting customers from covid and turned it into a veritable dining experience. Here, diners tuck into a special menu developed with fermented ingredients while nestled under the soft light of a giant traditional lantern, made by an ancestral artisan. It’s a highly serious concept… and it […]

Space Tourism: Skydiving into Exoplanets, Kayaking on Titan’s Methane Lakes

Considering how opportunities in space have expanded and become more inclusive for billionaires and not restricted just to scientists and researchers anymore, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is mulling the idea of space tourism. In a recent animated video shared by the American space agency, a faraway possible future was reimagined and showcased to […]

Locals Halt Traffic on Busy Road in Tamil Nadu to Reunite Wildcat Cub With Mother

In a pleasing incident, a month-old wildcat cub that accidentally strayed out of the forest was reunited with its mother by the forest department authorities who halted the traffic for their reunion. Valparai, one of the major hubs of wildlife, is a hill station in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. Often, few animals leave the […]

Tinder U Had the Most Relatable Response to Netflix India’s Query About ‘You’

After two super-successful runs, the third installment of the popular thriller series ‘You’ was released on Netflix, on October 15. The Instagram page of Netflix India has been promoting the show through multiple posts and memes. Recently, they shared a picture featuring the protagonists of the popular thriller series, Joe Goldberg and Love, essayed by […]

Little Boy Tries to Steal Pope’s Cap at Vatican Event, Watch Viral Video

A boy stole the show at Pope Francis’ Vatican audience on Wednesday, getting a seat at his side and a white papal cap as a reward for persistence after walking onto the stage. The boy, who Francis later said had a medical “limitation”, was wearing a mask and a track suit and appeared to be […]

A TikTok User Spotted This Hilarious Mistake in Netflix’s ‘You’. Have You Seen it?

Season 3 of hit Netflix series ‘You’ hit the OTT platform on October 15. The new season of the much-awaited psychological thriller drama is one of the most popular original series currently streaming on Netflix. In the new season, Joe and his new wife, Love, are trying to put their homicidal pasts behind them. Even […]

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